Monday, February 2, 2009

My 2009 Sasha Festival Auction donation

All Interested Sashaphiles:

The 2009 Sasha Festival

This is the outfit that I donated to the 2009 Sasha Festival Charity Auction. I designed and coordinated this outfit to be part of a wardrobe for a Custom Sasha Doll that was donated by a very Special and Talented Lady, Melody Mock, "Allegro Melody". For more info see her Blog address at , and Web address at . There were also four pair of coordinating hand made leather shoes exquisitely made and donated by another very Special and Talented Lady, Carrol , "Dolly Blue". For more info
e-Mail , also eBay sales by DollyBlue, .
My Calley Girl you see in the photos below is modeling the outfit that was donated. She is not the doll that was donated. As always My dolls and all props are not for sale.

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Friday, January 2, 2009

Edith Ann

From My Personal Collection, Not For Sale

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Custom Sasha Doll Outfits by Dollysdesigner

Custom Sasha Doll Outfits by Dollysdesigner

Below are some of my Sasha outfits that have been
sent around the world and being enjoyed by their
new owners!
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Cherished Heart Collection for Sasha Dolls by Dollysdesigner

Cherished Heart Collection"

First in series: Sold 01/23/09CORD OVERALLS & JACKET, for 16" Sasha by Dollysdesigner
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Second in series: Sold 04/21/2010
CORD DRESS W/BEASTIE BOOTS, 4 piece by BeverlyAlso, Soon to be listed separately on eBay.
The Sasha Repaint Doll by artist Melody Mock shown below. The outfit is not included.

Third in series: Sold 04/21/2010
CLASSIC PINAFORE & JACKET, for Sasha by Beverly

Fourth in series: Waiting for new owner
GINGHAM FOR 16" TRENDON SASHA, 3 piece by Beverly


I'm excited to announce my new line of Sasha clothing. I call it the
"Cherished Heart Collection".
I've designed a series of ensembles created especially for our Sashas, reminiscent of an earlier era. Although Sasha designed the dolls for all children, to represent all nations, Sasha dolls have become beloved by adults as well as children, throughout the world. These clothes will be my interpretation of clothing worn by the earlier Sashas -- and their young owners. As a fairly new owner myself, creating a wardrobe for these special dolls gives me great pleasure and a sense of achievement.
I've been sewing for my dolls since I was five. As a young woman, I had college classes in sewing and tailoring. After graduating, I taught for a number of years for the Singer Company.
I've included photos of some of the doll clothes I've previously designed and made, not only for our Sashas, but for Kish Seasons and Bitty Bethany, and my antique porcelain doll, Edith Ann.
I sell mostly on eBay as dollysdesigner at
My email address is :

Your comments are always welcome and thanks for taking your time to read my blog.
Your support is very much appreciated!

Best always,
Bev Miller

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